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I can’t be the only one, surely??? 

Every time I try to get a passport/ visa photo that doesn’t make me look like a total troll.

Every time, I fail. ;___;

This is how I’m going to spend my Easter break. * ___ *  
A much needed break indeed!

Recently recorded an inking-process video for a comic workshop. :D This is a page from a short story I did for the Telling Tales Anthology by Sweatdrop Studios.

The Three Feathers (Telling Tales)

Script Adaptation by Fehed Said (originally a Grimm fairytale)
Art by Faye Yong
Toning assistance by Nana Li.

Go on then, it makes a great Christmas Present!!

Found some old photos on my HDD, taken by my friend S. Lewis about 2 years ago.

I was very proud to have edited and contributed to this lovely anthology of fairy tales with fellow artists in Sweatdrop Studios. It was a long hard trek of blood, sweat and artist tears, but the end result was totally worth it.

Get a copy from the Sweatdrop online shop. Totally children friendly! :)


 True story.


Doing some research and prep work for my next short story. Very excited to be doing comics again after 3 months hiatus from it. I found my muse, in the form of a country! XD

Now is time to decipher my gibberish thumbnails. Going to see if I can pencil in MS this time in some effort to streamline my work process….

Merchant of Venice

Editor just sent a picture of the book hot off the press! :D

Flowers ink test

Did an ink and tone test of a Flowers page. Liking how this is turning out so far. Inking that background gave me a strange sort of hypnotic pleasure, OHNO!!! Am I turning into a John Aggs?



All done now. Uploading to publisher, then gonna go brush my teeth and sleep for a long long while. And wake up tomorrow to look at my test prints.

Thank you to all my friends who cheered me on, I really really appreciated it.

Biggest thanks has to be to my longsuffering beloved, who has put up with my stress-induced anger issues, mild psychotic behaviour, late nights-early mornings, whinging, whining, complaining about work, staying up late with me to cheer me on….

Sleepy time nao. See y’all later!

Portfolio Pushing

Back in design uni, we were always told that as commercial illustrators the thing most vital to our success is not creating the best art, but rather being ‘good’ at networking and getting our work seen by as many industry people. At career talks, the emphasis has always been “Have a portfolio, and make sure people see it!”… “network network network like your life depends on it (it does)”…..etc. One must be active, proactive, and schmooze!

So it’s not surprising that in our naivety and enthusiasm, many artists make the mistake of taking things a little too far, and become rather agressive in their portfolio showings. I myself have been guilty of this faux pas. Fortunately I’ve had lovely friend’s who have been in the industry a lot longer than I have who kindly told me (discreetly) that I was making an amateur ass of myself by being an agressive portfolio shover.

I can only console myself over my past silliness by saying, I was at least a polite portfolio shover and asked people if they would like to look at my work first rather than just shoving an open portfolio under their noses. XD

Someone once told me of this incident where a publishing rep was desperately seeking a place to hide at some launch event, as he was being bombarded by a horde of artists eager to ‘talk’ to him.

RSOM Results

I MADE 3rd PLACE!!!! WHEEEEEeeeee!!!!
*does excited-hyper-maniacal-squirrel dance*

THANK you everyone who voted for me, and for all the support and encouragement!!!

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